Private Show

Private Show
If my girl wants a show, I'll give her a show

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Private Message Even though I do not have a set release date for Private Message, I guarantee it will be in the VERY VERY near future! I am although VERY excited to share with you that you can now add Private Message to you "To-Read" list on Goodreads! I will soon be doing a cover reveal, so don't be concerned when you don't see it!It's coming and SOON!

  Private Message <--- Click to add it!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Power of a Book Club

I would to share with you a video that I had created.
Its about how a book club I am part of along with some amazing new people in my life have helped me. How they have inspired me.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Proud to announce...

My first book signing!
On August 10th in Stamford CT from noon to four!
A long list of amazing indie authors are all set to sign also!
There will be a giveaway of a kindle paper write loaded with all of our books and a chance to win a VIP pass to the after party to hang with the authors and bloggers!
I will post more information as time goes on, in the mean time like the Facebook page and website!
I hope to see you there and to make my first signing that much more exhilarating!

Registration for the event is now open and its free to attend! So why not!?

Sunday, April 14, 2013

A Little Update

A few little updates for those following the progress of Private Message. Nothing major just wanting to keep you all posted.

My amazing editor will have my copy edits for in five to six days! So I will be able to finalize the writing aspect! YAY!

I am hoping to have photos from Joe soon to work on the cover. Also when I get them I will be creating some teasers and I want to have some postcards or bookmarks printed up to send out to all you amazing lovelies!

I am hoping to have a release date set to announce in the near future.

So, bare with me. We are getting closer and closer, I appreciate everyone of you.

That is all for now!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Chatz teaser

After reaching over 200 page views for this blog and 130 Likes on my Facebook page, here is a promised teaser!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Here We Go Again

I am now about to start book two!!!

I have started planing the sequel to Private Message, before I was even done with it. I have been taking notes on scenes (one is a Halloween scene! SQUEE!) I could see on my head. I am very anxious and excited to get started.

I just really cant wait for you all to read the first book!

p.s. Should have some photos for teasers and for my cover shortly!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Slightly Heavy Stuff.

Sitting here creating my playlist for Private Message and I am in tears.

Just listening to some good ol' music from my teenage years (not THAT long ago!) and thinking about what I have accomplished since this album came out, when I was in high school.

I was told by many people that I wouldn't achieve anything. For years trying to make my mark in this giant world.

Torn down from top to bottom.

Your not smart enough.
Your art isn't good enough.
Art isn't a life.
Your not pretty enough.
Your too weird.

Now at 26, I an just now starting to come out of my shell.
Still insecure. But I am trying, but I have always felt I was in the way or being annoying. Like I am not worth your time. You probably have better things to do. I ramble when I get nervous and I don't think before I type, until after then the worry and dread fills me.

Crap, I shouldn't have said that.
I should have just left it alone.
I am sorry to waste your time.
I just don't know what to say, so I go in circles avoiding what I really want to say. Which then makes me feel stupid for even trying.
My heart drags a beat.

I am working on being assertive. I don't want to be that shy awkward girl. But when you were never accepted by others growing up, makes it tough.
So when someone is nice to you, you feel like its going to fall apart.
They will say never mind.

I get excited easily, so I want to talk about it all the time. But I am sure your annoyed by now.
I want to shut up, but I am struggling.
Just curious. Whats on your mind.
I need assurance.
That's all.
Soon I won't.

My confidence if growing. I know I have talent now.
But it almost feels like someone will catch on and say "your really not that good."
So my skin has thickened slightly, but I am still fragile and insecure.

I am more than grateful for the kindness brought upon me.
I just don't want to disappoint.

But one thing I never doubted: My weirdness.

Just bare with me. Please.

Here is a video of one of my favorite bands back in school and their awesome video. Yellowcard: Only One


If someone were to ask me, if I would write a book a year ago or even six months ago, I probably would have laughed. I kind of always wanted to write a book, but I was always worried I couldn't up with enough of an intriguing story line. Or have enough to make a whole book.

But about two months ago I had a dream. No not in the sense of having a dream to write a book or an ambition. No, I literally had a dream while sleeping. I could see 'Chatz' the bar perfectly in my head. I could see Ben. The whole second chapter was my dream and I was able to create a story from it.

That next morning I woke up and started taking fast, sloppy notes. Anything I could remember before I would forget. And I kept taking more notes. In that week I started typing out my first chapter. I was obsessed with my characters (still am) and I was curious on how things would turn out. I let my characters take control, I know that sounds weird, but they did.

After four weeks I was done. I had typed over 58,000 words. I kept my book a secret up until the very end. I then shared the information with my girl on InstaGram. I got the most amazing out pour of love and encouragement  anyone could as for. I then asked if anyone wanted to be a beta reader and I was shocked to see how many wanted to help me!

I am even lucky enough to have a good friend start to help me edit my work, before it went to my official editor. So Randy, thank you so much! You have helped strengthen my writing skills.

And what blew me away was the random act of kindness, from a certain male model, Joseph Marvullo. I just made a comment on a photo of him, saying that I thought he would make the perfect lead guy in my book and the cover. Never did  I imagine him replying or offering to do my cover! Its not too often where a complete stranger would help someone out like Joe did, its an amazing thing and I am more than grateful.

Now that I have sent my book to my editor, only a few minutes ago, I am stunned and proud of myself. To have started and finished a whole book. A book that I am proud of. Thank you to everyone who has supported me from day one. Especially my husband and mother. My bestfriends: Katie, Heather and Christy, Elise, Abby, Jessy for putting up with my rambling. I love you all.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Photo Teasers

How about a couple of photo teasers? Featuring Mr. Joseph Marvullo as Ben Mitchell

Created by my good friend Christy!
 follow her on Instagram! @fancy_grey

Private Message

Meet Tess, an aspiring rock concert photojournalist slash painter. Not your typical girl next door or bombshell, Tess is one small tough cookie. Never being in a good solid relationship, Tess has a deep painful secret about what happened at a concert three years ago. Something, which has made her lose faith in men.

Meet Ben, a womanizing magazine columnist at a leading music magazine Tones, who like Tess is obsessed with music along with getting into any woman’s pants. He has his reasons for commitment issues.

After a rough day Tess decides to change up her routine of work, class, paint and indulging in her book boyfriend of the week, to hit up a bar after class. Chatz is a new brand of bar “Log in. Let your inhibitions run wild.” Where everyone has a screen name and flirting and hook ups happen via chat room.  Before the night is over Tess has made a new girlfriend and gets the low-down in a certain bachelor in the bar, who “doesn’t do private chats,” because he’s there just to find another hook up.

Tess gets a private message.