Private Show

Private Show
If my girl wants a show, I'll give her a show

Sunday, April 14, 2013

A Little Update

A few little updates for those following the progress of Private Message. Nothing major just wanting to keep you all posted.

My amazing editor will have my copy edits for in five to six days! So I will be able to finalize the writing aspect! YAY!

I am hoping to have photos from Joe soon to work on the cover. Also when I get them I will be creating some teasers and I want to have some postcards or bookmarks printed up to send out to all you amazing lovelies!

I am hoping to have a release date set to announce in the near future.

So, bare with me. We are getting closer and closer, I appreciate everyone of you.

That is all for now!


  1. So excited and can't wait to read and see all the great things coming.

  2. I really can't wait for you of all people to read it! your my number one supporter! I love you!

  3. :D awww so sweet. Love you too