Private Show

Private Show
If my girl wants a show, I'll give her a show

Monday, May 6, 2013

Who doesn't love a little tease?

Celebrating my 300th "like" on my author Facebook page I decided to share a little snippet/teaser! ENJOY!

           It takes all the strength I have not to wrap myself around him. He’s so close I can feel him, smell him, and almost taste him. He finally unpins me from the wall, dropping his hands to his sides, and I practically run out the door. Surprisingly, my legs don’t give out. Once I am down the hall a little way I round the corner and lean against the cool brick. Breathless.
Holy shit! What was that? One minute he’s kind and intriguing, then he’s cocky and snapping at me, and then he was all over me. If I had stayed there one minute longer, would he have kissed me? I guess I’ll never know now. I let out the largest sigh of my life once I reach my car. I climb in and pull out my phone to text Erin: You busy?

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