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Private Show
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Friday, July 12, 2013

Interview with Ben and Tess!

I really want to thank the AMAZING girls over at Two Crazy Girls for this awesome and fun interview! I love Bobbi and Kimberly! 

Check it out below!

Two Crazy Girls With a Passion for Books Facebook page

B & I sit nervously in Chatz getting ready for our first character interview with Ben (swoon) and Tess (our new BFF) and are trying to keep calm and not totally lose our cool…yeah right…who are we kidding?!?!

B is messing around with her phone and I peek over her shoulder to see what she is up to...yep…she just logged into the chat room at Chatz and is scoping out the “menu”. User name: SouthernBelleRinger (sigh…) Rolling my eyes I look up and come eye to eye with Ben and a little smirk…heart palpitations in full force now! Here goes…

Ben: “Hello ladies…I’m Ben and this is Tess. We are so happy to finally meet you both.”

K&B both melt at the sound of his smooth, rich British accent…yep…we are goners now!!!!

Tess: “Yes, very happy to meet you. Interesting meeting location…but I understand from your messages that you were curious to check it out. I see B is getting the full experience (wink).”

B: Clears her throat, “Ummm yes. Definitely enjoying Chatz.”

K: Giggling and quickly tucking my phone into lap, “I can’t take her anywhere. So happy you could both join us and for allowing us to be the first to chat with you. It is an honor and you will have to excuse us if we go all fangirl and giggle…” They both smile and laugh nodding their heads. (Phew…)

B: “Well, let’s begin. Tess...What were you feeling when you realized the model was Ben? Did you want to walk away?”

Tess: “Embarrassed all to hell! I mean come on, his body alone will make you blush, but to know that I knew about him and saw him the night before, I wanted to die. He had seen me and winked and all so he clearly knew who I was… Did I want to walk away? Would you if you had a hot guy lying out in front of you and you are given instructions to observe every inch of his body? And for a GRADE?!”

K: “Yeah, I’d get a big old “F” in that class for sure. Ben...what was going through your head when you stayed after class so Tess could finish drawing your face?”

Ben: “First thought? Oh this is going to be fun! I could tell she was nervous and little uncomfortable, but I didn’t want to scare the girl either, but common! And when she was staring at me while I was modeling all I could think about was what she must be thinking.”

B: “If it was me, I’d be thinking of jumping on top of you…oops…was that TMI?!?!”

K: (shaking her head) “Tess...what was it about Ben that allowed you to let him in and made you feel comfortable?”

Tess: “You always hear about people just clicking right? It was kind of like that, but I was denying it. A part of me wanted him as soon as I saw him, but my heart was terrified to proceed. I knew of his reputation and that wasn’t my lifestyle, so it was hard at first, but Ben was great at expressing his feelings and his concerns. He didn’t pressure me emotionally or physically.”

B: “Ben...What made Tess so different from the others that you PM'd her? We know her looks were different, but there had to be more.”

Ben: “She wasn’t concerned with how she looked or fit in. I know what it’s like to not fit in, try moving from one country to another and sounding so different from your new peers. She held her own and didn’t run. She didn’t put up a front.”

K: “Ben...Do you still have women from Chatz vying for your attention?”

Ben: “The ones that don’t know about me and Tess yeah, but after the pow wow I had that one night and I made my relationship with her very clear, woman have backed off slightly but I also think it won’t last long, because they probably assume that I can’t hold onto a relationship.”

B: “Guess you are going to prove them wrong.” Looking around to see who’s watching, she gives the stink eye to a woman she is pretty sure is Jackie (aka Slippery_When_Wet69). Man she is a trainwreck…

K: “Tess...We're you totally fangirling around Adam Levine? Seriously...swoon!!! He is my FAVORITE ever. Saw him in concert in March and haven’t been the same since. So jealous!!!”

Tess: (smiling from ear to ear) “Who wouldn’t!? Adam Effing Levine! And he put his arm around me and everything! Then to have Ben get all defensive made it all the better honestly haha. I am shocked I didn’t just pass out! Hell, I am still stunned I could speak. In a way if you look at Adam and Ben side by side they look like they could be related.

B: “TOTALLY. Have you seen the side by side picture of the two of them with “my hands” covering their…ummm…”privates”?!?! Yeah, that’s me. I moonlight has a hand model.”

K: “What was the one physical attribute that drew you to each other? Did it change after you got to know each other better?”

Tess: “Um…Well I got to see everything right up close front row center…so EVERYTHING haha, but honestly his eyes, when they looked into mine.”

Ben: “Awww…Thank you babe, but I am a man so I would say your tight little ass…sorry!”

B: “How have you moved on from the secrets of your past and how you were intertwined without even knowing? How do you work through those emotions?”

Tess: “Communication. I got to vent, and then he got to absorb and when we finally got together it all made sense.”

Ben: “It takes work, but we are both learning to trust again. Not just trusting one another, but anyone in our personal lives.”

K: (all lovey dovey goo-goo eyed) “I love those answers. You are setting a good example of trust and friendship being the anchor of your love.” (heavy sigh)

B: “What makes you "click" as a couple?”

Tess and Ben answer simultaneously: “Music!”

K & B giggle at the same time… “We love you guys.”

Tess: “They say when words fail, music tells the story, well its true in our case. We can play a song and the other one just gets it.”

K: “What is your idea of the perfect date night?”

Tess: “Coffee and a concert. You can’t go wrong with caffeine and a rock show!”

Ben: “I agree with the concert idea, you can enjoy each other without needing to talk…Ok yes talking is good for a date, but when you can connect in a moment at a show it’s incredible.”

B: “Are you excited about the prospect of working together at Tones?”

Ben: “I love the idea! To be able to cover a show with my hot little girlfriend that would be amazing!”

Tess: “What he said, just my hot tall, dark, handsome and British boyfriend.”

K: “What did you do for the 4th of July?”

Ben: “There was a concert in the park featuring some great local bands, and there was a bbq and we sat on my GTO’s hood and watched the fireworks. And made out a little too.”
Tess: (smacks Ben’s arm) “Shut up!” Haha

Speed round...

#1 song on your iPod?
Tess: “Ticket from Maroon 5…mmm…Adam”
Ben: (rolling his eyes at Tess with a sexy smirk) “Yeah… Anything from Shinedown.”

Favorite food?
Ben: “I am a sucker for canolis…”
Tess: “Enchiladas…and chocolate…does coffee count? Sorry I can’t decide!”

Favorite place to be?
Tess: “Anywhere with Ben and a coffee in my hand.”
Ben: “Ditto.”

Favorite body part to kiss?
Ben: “Her hip bone, makes her giggle every time.”
Tess: (Blushing) “His pecks”

Favorite word?
Tess: “BOOSH!”
Ben: “Tess”

Private nickname for each other?
Tess: “Bond”
Ben: “Punky”

Any new tattoos in the future? Care to share???
Ben: “I am not sure yet, but it will have to be meaningful, but it will be soon, because I am itching for the ink.”
Tess: “I agree it has to be personal and meaningful; I will have to come up with something soon. I am dying to get my first one!”

Final question:
B: “Give us three words that describe each other.”
Tess: “Misunderstood, Compassionate and Determined”
Ben: “Growing, Incredible and Stunning”

K: “Thank you so much for taking time out of your evening to meet with us. It has truly been amazing to meet you both and see you together.”

B: “Totally, private messaging you both just doesn’t do you justice. You are both so kind and I didn’t think I could love you anymore…but I do.”

Ben: “Thank you ladies, it has been our pleasure. We are going to leave you to enjoy the rest of the evening at Chatz. I need to get my girl home and prove that Adam has nothing on me.” (with a wink)

Tess: (smiling) “I can’t refuse that. See you ladies…so nice to meet you.”

With that they are both off and Jackie is still eyeing up Ben. Well…we can’t have that. K: slips her phone out of her lap… Username: MidwestGirlTrouble

Things just got crazy…

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